Howard The Duck appeared in the end credits scene of Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy and the general movie-going audience probably had no idea who the hell he was, and if they did, chances are it was in relation to the George Lucas-helmed travesty of a film. Still, Howard’s name began getting tossed about a tad more frequently than in the past and thankfully, Marvel Comics has turned that bit of interest (good or bad) into anew comic series for the anthropomorphic fowl– and it takes place in the same corner of the Marvel U. as the recently cancelled She-Hulk comic!

This week’s Top 10 Comics List in full:
10. Batman: Arkham Knight #1
9. The Sixth Gun: Dust To Dust #1
8. Spawn: Resurrection One-Shot
7. The Surface #1
6. Abe Sapien #21
5. Southern Cross #1
4. Ninjak #1
3. The Walking Dead #138
2. Star Wars #3
1. Howard The Duck #1

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Do you agree with the Top 10 Comics of the Week list? Was there something I missed? Does it make you wanna puke all over your keyboard thanks to a blaring omission– a travesty of comic book justice?! Well, sound off in the comments!

Video shot, edited, and cradled like a dumpster baby by: Tyler Whitaker