Free Comic Book Day 2015.

Free. Comic. Book. Day.

Free. Comics.


That’s right, it’s a magical time of the year again as Free Comic Book Day returns to shops on Saturday, May 2nd! FCBD continues to grow in stature, and 2015 will be continuing that trend as there are more titles available than ever–just waiting to be snagged up by fans old and new alike! However, as veterans of this most holy of holy holidays can attest, no shop will allow you to walk away with one of everything. (If your LCS does, please let us know in the comments) Otherwise, there’d be a lot less FCBD books to go around, and as we all know “sharing is caring”. So, how do you plan your attack for just what titles you should scramble to get? Well, we just so happen to have a handy-dandy Top 10 Best Free Comic Book Day Titles video to further separate the gems. Granted, it’s all purely my opinion, so don’t hold FreakSugar responsible for any outrage.

Check out the video in the above pop-up player, or if you’re having trouble HERE is the direct link.

Do you agree with the Top 10 Comics of the Week list? Was there something I missed? Does it make you wanna puke all over your keyboard thanks to a blaring omission– a travesty of comic book justice?! Well, sound off in the comments!

Video shot, edited, and cradled like a dumpster baby by: Tyler Whitaker