You know all of those incredibly aggravating con-exclusive action figure sets that Hasbro releases each year during SDCC and the like? Yeah, the ones that you line up for like a plastic-addicted lemming, missing most of the show and still getting to the register at the exact point in time they’ve sold out of the one thing you really had your heart set on? Well, thanks to Joe Moscone (former PR for Hasbro), you now have the chance to score some of these past exclusives, plus others, from the comfort of your couch (or toilet, depending on your wifi strength and just how bad last night’s burritos are working on your gut) thanks to a myriad of current auctions.

“Why is FreakSugar pimping some dude’s eBay auctions?” you’re probably screaming into your monitor. Well, it’s not because Joe sent us a million awesome sneak previews and review toys over the years (although he did), it’s all because the proceeds are being donated to Receptions For Research which funds doctors, hospitals, and scientists (not the mad kind) so that they can better battle cancers and cardiovascular diseases that affect far too many people in our communities. Fuck cancer, amirite?

Here are but a few of the toys currently listed (with more being added):

You can find all of the auctions, including G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Marvel, etc. HERE.

While we’ve hyped his auctions, Joe is not alone in his toys=cure mentality, as other people have also taken to ebay to sell their treasures for the greater good. For instance, FreakSugar-favorite MC Chris has also auctioned tons of action figures and collectibles with the proceeds aiding in the fight of Cystic Fibrosis.

Anything can be a force for good, toy collecting included.

Also, if you or any of your cohorts have a similar set-up going on, please put links in the comments below!