Given some of the weird ways dead Bruce Lee has been used in the past, I’m kind of okay with this one.

Last night EA announced that they would be offering Bruce Lee as a preorder bonus for the upcoming EA Sports UFC, or if you beat the career mode on Pro difficulty in the June 17th release. It’s part of a deal with Bruce Lee Enterprises, a company formed in 2010 in order to control the actor’s likeness in media.

Pop culture has been kind of weird/exploitative about Lee’s image since his death in 1973. Fans of old-school martial arts flicks know how many imitators sprang up after his passing, with names like “Bruce Li,” in increasingly bizarre films capitalizing on the actor’s name.

1981’s The Clones of Bruce Lee might be the weirdest, but Game of Death, which cobbled together a handful of footage from an unfinished film the actor was working on using a series of doubles in shadow, stand-ins shot from behind, and a cardboard picture of Lee’s face superimposed on another actor’s body, might be the worst offender (it’s also padded to hell).

This isn’t even the first time Lee has appeared in a game: famously, Forrest/Marshall Law from the Tekken series have joined Street Fighter’s Fei Hong as casual lifts of the actor’s likeness and fight noises, while the 1987 Turbo Grafx-16 game China Warrior had a lead character whose physique and moves seemed awfully familiar.

The actor was legally used in the not-so-great Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon for the original Xbox, which I’d almost forgotten about.

No word on whether UFC Lee– who’ll be playable in the game’s Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight and Lightweight divisions – will be using moves like his famous one-inch punch. Hey, UFC fanatics – would Lee’s up-close style of rapid-fire Kung-fu make sense in mixed martial arts?