The obvious subtitle joke for this game is “In Space — No One Can Hear You Clean” … but a Steam user already beat me to the punch. FEH! Instead, I’ll go a different route and propose that Viscera Cleanup Detail is the spiritual successor to EA’s nightmarish, limb-carving, necromorphic thriller Dead Space. Or possibly DOOM… or really any number of oldschool shooters. Not as another FPS that takes place on a creepy spaceship but as the logical aftermath of whatever happened between the hero, the hordes of space zombies, and their hapless victims. At any rate, Viscera Cleanup Detail was greenlit a long time ago, however, it’s available for Early Access right now!

As any other game that’s still basically in open beta, a good chunk of the game is missing. But it looks goofy enough that 8 bucks isn’t too steep to check it out. Also, the devs’ video sets the tone for what you’re getting into nicely.

Neat, huh? Being as this is a physics based game, I’m sure there will be tons of Youtube clips with players showing off their skills Surgery Simulator style, baby! It also looks like they’re working on some add-ons DLC — 2 are available now for Santa’s Rampage and Shadow Warrior. I’m holding out for a Friday The 13th or similar late 70’s/early 80’s slasher cleanup DLC.