Amazon Sets Living Rooms Ablaze With Fire TV

The rumors of Amazon tossing their hat into the streaming video set-top box ring have finally come true. Yep, Amazon Fire TV  is a thing that is real and is promising some pretty neat abilities.


First and foremost is Amazon Prime’s expansive movie and TV library but the real news comes from its short but stacked Android powered innards. Amazon Fire TV is also getting a bump over the competition by beaming games right into your face holes. With a bevy of publishers — including Mojang, EA, Disney, and Ubisoft– there should be plenty to keep everyone in the house entertained. As an Android platform, cheap and free-to-play games will most likely bulk up the library, but you should expect some higher quality stuff from the major devs.

One of those games is a shooter titled Sev Zero. Crafted by Amazon Game Studios, Sev Zero merges third-person shooting with a touch of tower defense. Basically there are two modes — one consisting of building and upgrading various towers and the other getting up close and personal with alien scum. Not exactly earth-shattering but should fun enough in its own right. Players can also bring in a friend to assist using their Kindle Fire tablet and downloading Sev Zero: Air Assualt. The game is free for anyone that picks up an Amazon Fire TV controller, but will be $6.99 otherwise.

Speaking of price, 99 dollary-doos will get you everything you need to get streaming with an setting you back another $39.99. With the modest price and all-in-one video services, this might be perfect for families of casual to mid-core gamers.

The main thing to take away here is that Amazon Fire TV isn’t going to replace your Xboxes, PSs, or Wii U’s anytime soon. It doesn’t look like it was ever intended for that task. Instead Amazon is probably banking on those casual gamers looking for an inexpensive alternative console that also plays all their movies without the hassle of physical media. Will this work is anyone’s guess but more diversity in the market place is best for everyone.