Poor Gotham City. It never can catch a break from the whack-a-doo villains that want to see it crumble. With the Joker dead (or maybe even MIA) after Arkham City, it seems that the big bad giving the good citizens the heebie-jeebies is Scarecrow. Of course, it won’t be a proper Batman title without guest appearances from Two-Face, Riddler, and more who you’ll be tasked to hunt down and punch in the face repeatedly.

The new Arkham Knight trailer is titled “Evening the Odds” which apparently means dialing up the Batmobile and Tokyo drifting all over Gotham in a mayhem-fueled montage. We’re treated to some sexy close ups of the new Batmobile which strikes a balance between being a tank and jet. It looks hella fun to drive. We also get a few snippets of Oracle as well as interspersed cuts of Gotham getting righteously exploded.

Finally, the trailer ends with Rocksteady’s contribution to Batman’s already pretty bonkers rogues gallery. The titular Arkham Knight reminds me of Batman Beyond meets Halo‘s Master Chief.

It’s also the first time we get to hear what this Arkham Knight sounds like. He shares some pretty menacing words about ridding the world of Gotham’s hero as the trailer ending with Bats in a perilous situation. My going theory is that he’s the robotic armor powered by a rogue Joker AI that thinks it can be a better Batman. Think Robocop 2‘s deranged, Nuke-powered, cyber-villain, Cain. Other theories are that it could be a new Robin or something. I have know idea but that power armor sure looks slick.

Arkham Knight will be available for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 14th.