Next Tuesday, July 9, 2024, issue #3 of Raise Hell, the compelling coming-of-age tale by Ray Nadine and Jordan Alsaqa, goes on sale from Comixology Originals, seeing Victor finally getting the opportunity to spread his wings in the Spectral Science Club. Will all go smoothly or will this first adventure be his last? Raise Hell continues to be a delight in its characterization and visuals and we are honored to be able to present you an exclusive first look at issue #3! Check out the cover and pages below!


RAISE HELL #3 cover


RAISE HELL #3 page 1


RAISE HELL #3 page 2


RAISE HELL #3 page 3


RAISE HELL #3 page 4


RAISE HELL #3 page 5


RAISE HELL #3 page 6


Raise Hell #3 goes on sale Tuesday, July 9, 2024, from Comixology.

From the official issue description:

The day Victor’s been waiting for has arrived: his first outing with the Spectral Science Club! Though he’s initially excited to visit the local haunted mall, the club’s strict safety guidelines mean the truly spooky stuff is off-limits. Goaded by Alistair, Victor can’t help but wander off on his own. Unfortunately for him, it’s not long before he finds himself on thin ice and pursued by one truly ghoulie goalie!