David Fincher returns to icy thriller territory with this adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel (adapted for the screen by the author).

Ben Affleck looks to be doing his best Scott Peterson impersonation as Nick Dunne, in this drama which follows the disappearance of Nick’s wife on the night of their wedding anniversary. The case creates the kind of media firestorm one can only expect when a pretty white woman disappears off the face of the Earth.

I’m only half-snarking about that last part. The movie looks like the kind of moody, emotionally sharp (and a little cold) drama that I love out of Fincher, and in addition to Affleck, the director’s got Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Paul Mills and Tyler goddamned Perry along for the ride.

Also, what happened to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Fincher was set to develop? Between Fincher’s busy slate directing and producing, is that dead or what?

[h/t Gordon McAlpin]