Writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky want to be the sex educators you never had in high school.

Although Fraction and Zdarsky are already doing their part to educate the public with sexual advice in the readers’ letters columns in their monthly Image comic book Sex Criminals, they’ve decided to compile that imparted knowledge into one tome for the sexual novice in their hardcover book Just the Tips. Hitting newsstands in November, Tips combines the advice from the letters columns with handy-dandy pictures for the visual learners out there. (Teachers out there know that differentiation in education is key to reach the optimal number of students.) Sometimes useful, mostly satirical, the book would probably have Dr. Ruth kicking herself in the hindquarters for not writing it first.

Don’t know your quisping from your swaffling? Check out a few pages from the hardcover and consider yourself schooled.


In anticipation for the release, Fraction had this to say in a press release.

On the cusp of becoming internationally renowned Sex Experts (note to Chip: we really need to figure out a way to tighten up ‘Sex Experts’ for the Press Release. Sexexp? Seexperts? Think it over some), Chip and I feel what anyone might feel in our position: drunk, absolutely drunk, with power, and overdosing on raw sex energy. Today: this book. Tomorrow: public office.

Just the Tips will be released on November 26 in comic book stores and on December 2 in bookstores, just in time to purchase as a Christmas gift for the sexual freak in your life. In the meantime, be sure to check out Fraction and Zdarsky’s comic book Sex Criminals, produced monthly by Image.