Everybody knows that the real hero of Street Fighter is Ken Masters. Coolest hair. Coolest moves. Best Theme (suck it Guile!). Just listen! Doesn’t that make you want to go out and beat ass? His cocky attitude and fighting stance makes him perfect for taunting your hapless opponents when you’ve pounded them stupid. He’s so cool that if he were a Ninja Turtle, he’d be the best one — which, of course, is Raphael.

So, now that I’ve got your full, unbridled hatred — I can actually hear your keyboards melting — let me quickly divert your smoldering attention towards this kick-ass Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist trailer, brought to you by the fightin’ folks at Machinima.

So far, it looks like this adaptation is outpacing the abysmal Street Fighter The Movie in staying to true to the story and tone of the original games. Actor Christian Howard once again fits Ken’s crimson karategi and strikes a menacing pose opposite perpetual sparring partner, Ryu played by Mike Moh. Fans should recognize Christian, along with actor/director, Joey Ansah who crafted the short fan film Street Fighter: Legacy a few years back.

Assassin’s Fist is set during the training of Ryu and Ken while exploring their relationship between rivals and friends. Though no official date has been set, Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist should be spin kicking on Machinima sometime in May.