Breaking Bad fans have been going through serious withdrawal since the end of the series last September. They’ve been jonesing for more from that world, just a small hit. (Are any of these drug jokes landing for ya?)

To keep fans from getting the shakes, AMC has just supplied a 9-second clip for the BB spin-off Better Call Saul, premiering next February. The trailer clip last night during the network’s Breaking Bad marathon.

Show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have already confirmed that Better Call Saul will take place approximately six years prior to the exploits of Walter White (Malcolm in the Middle’s Bryan Cranston) in Breaking Bad, with flashbacks and flashforwards. Think Lost, but grittier and smarmier. And presumably with fewer polar bears.

You’ll have about six months from now to savor the high from this clip, with Better Call Saul making its debut sometime in 2015 on AMC.