If there was one thing I loved (and that my parents loathed) while growing up in the 1980s, it was slime. That’s right, the gooey, gelatinous, pungent, snot-like, awesomeness that was a staple of many toy lines at the time was such a versatile bit of greatness, that it could not be denied from being a part of any imaginative battle my action figures were having. Nope, the threat of slime permeated the battlefield and no one was safe–especially not the living room carpet. Seriously, once that shit dried, there was no coming back from it. Pure concrete! Now, the fine 5.5″ lovin’ folks at Zoloworld are bringing slime back as part of their Realm Of The Underworld Series 2.5 of the hard-hitting action figure line, reminiscent of classic MOTU and Remco figures from the era of excess! The figures feature full interchangeability, weapons, fantastic packaging (Zoloworld is also known for their protective cases), and slime for a lower price-point than many other indie properties.

Just look at these slime-drenched mofos:

Here’s all the info about each of the Realm of the Underworld Series 2.5 characters, their loadout, AND how to pre-order them:

Realm Of The Underworld is BACK for series 2.5 ASSORTMENT 2!

Introducing Realm Of the Underworld SLIMED DRONES. A 5 3/4” retro
translucent fantasy series with clear accessories and SLIME! Each
figure is packaged in a full artwork window box with insert sleeve.

The Story: KRY-SIS, HERCULES, ULYSSEUS and the mighty CYCLOPS battle
their way through HADES’ legion of ARCHFIEND minions. The warriors
break through the massive bone brigade and enter into a marshland on
the edge of the Underworld. The warriors notice entities in the marsh
covered in sludge screaming as they are pulled under. Then SILENCE!
What card has fate dealt for our warriors? Will they cross this
STYGIAN MARSHLAND and exit the Underworld or will they fall to darkness?

It is in your HANDS!

Pre-Order Friday May 8th at 12pm EST at

Both Assortments are scheduled to ship at the same time 3rd Q 2015

Assortment One received the best feedback yet from the series with two
figures selling out on the website in record breaking time!

This assortment is gearing to be even stronger with two new sculpts and
epic characters! One having glowing bones on a clear body!

This assortment contains four new figures at a special pre order price of $26.50 which will be going back up to full retail price of $29.99 once the pre order period ends.
You get:
Molten Meltdown Acromancer
Corpse Tooth
Prince Algor (exclusive edition)
The Last Descendant
Assortment 2 ultimate collector package: includes all FOUR figures plus the exclusive KRY-SIS (THE WARRIOR)! These figures are extremely limited and may sell out very quickly. Both assortments will ship together this summer! Official website www.underworldfigures.com

Each figure comes with Zoloworld interchangeable translucent body,
translucent head and accessories, exclusive trading cards, SLIME packet,
package insert, figure tray and an awesome FULL ARTWORK window box.