Lightstep from Dark Horse Comics is such a break-neck, rapid-fire book, throwing concept after concept in its story, from assassins to relativity to secrets hidden in radio plays.  Milos Slavkovic, Mirko Topalski, and Tiberiu Beka are constructing a truly unique comic book yarn that’s definitely worth the read. That’s why we’re excited to share an EXCLUSIVE preview of Lightstep #4, on sale this February!

LIGHTSTEP #4 cover

LIGHTSTEP #4 page 9

LIGHTSTEP #4 page 10

LIGHTSTEP #4 page 11

LIGHTSTEP #4 page 12

Lightstep #4 debuts Wednesday, February 20th, from Dark Horse Comics.

From the official issue description:

An assassin is out for Jazzman’s blood–seeking revenge for a promise broken years ago. Or was it just yesterday? Relativity encounters immortality, and friends who have become old enemies are reunited in a quest for a secret that may save the galaxy& hidden in a radio play from the 1930s!