Okay, that’s all the notification you get suckas–because Donatello is dead! Yep, in the latest issue of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from IDW, Rocksteady and bebop wresk house on the purple-clad genius in an extremely brutal fashion. The internet went friggin’ nuts and the speculation began, causing the single issues and the variant to skyrocket in price! Fools. He’s not dead. He’s part of a franchise. Even if he WERE dead, he’s be back in no time. Judging by leaked pages of upcoming issues, Donnie’s in a serious coma and there’s speculation his mind will be transferred to a cyborg body, mirroring what happened in the 90s comics. Regardless, it was a harrowing story that also included the final bit of battle for the Technodrome and the fates of Krang, Shredder, and Baxter Stockamn– thus securing the #1 spot on this week’s Top 10 Comics video!

This week’s Top 10 Comics List in full:

10. Invisible Republic #1
9. B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #129
8. Alex + Ada #13
7. Red One #1
6. Strange Sports Stories #1
5. Outcast #7
4. Spread #6
3. Chrononauts #1
2. Frankenstein Underground #1
1. TMNT Ongoing #44

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Do you agree with the Top 10 Comics of the Week list? Was there something I missed? Does it make you wanna puke all over your keyboard thanks to a blaring omission– a travesty of comic book justice?! Well, sound off in the comments!

Video shot, edited, and cradled like a dumpster baby by: Tyler Whitaker